Quick Draw

You can choose to apply for and open a QuickDraw Line of Credit and link it to your checking

account for overdraft protection. In the event your account overdraws, funds can be automatically transferred

to cover your transactions.

  • It's Easy and FREE to set up -- Only pay for Overdraft Protection through your QuickDraw Line of Credit if you happen to use it. There's no charge to apply or link your line to your checking account.
  • Save Money -- Helps to avoid paying fees – like returned check or late fees – incurred when overdrawing your checking account without protection.
  • Peace of Mind -- Mistakes can happen, but with Overdraft Protection through your QuickDraw Line of Credit, you can help ensure your checking account is covered.

Funds are transferred once per business day, and you must have enough available credit to pay the items for the transfer to occur. Interest is charged on your QuickDraw Line of Credit according to the interest rate stated in your loan agreement.

We do not have to allow you to make a withdrawal from your Account if you don't have sufficient available funds in the Account to cover the full amount of the withdrawal. If there are available funds to cover some, but not all, of the withdrawals or other debits to your Account on a single business day, we will post the checks for which there are sufficient available funds in any order we may choose at our sole discretion. We may pay other withdrawals or debit items (such as charges) prior to paying any checks, and we may post those other withdrawals or debit items in any order we may choose at our sole discretion. If there are insufficient available funds to cover some of the withdrawals or debits presented against your Account, such items will be handled in accordance with our overdraft procedures or in accordance with any other agreement you may have with us (such as an overdraft protection program.) Even if we choose to pay one or more overdrafts, we are not obligated to cover any future overdrafts. We may determine the balance of your account in connection with determining whether payment of an item will create an overdraft at any time between the time we receive the item and the deadline for us to take action on the item. We are not required to determine your account balance more than one (1) time during this period. A service charge may be assessed on any withdrawal created by check, in-person withdrawal, ATM withdrawal, or other electronic means, that will overdraw the available account balance, regardless of whether we pay or dishonor (return) the item. You agree, immediately upon notice from us, to deposit funds sufficient to cover any overdraft plus service charges, if required. We will not be liable for the dishonor of any item when the dishonor occurs because we set off a debt against your account. We also may refuse to allow a withdrawal if there is a dispute about the Account (unless a court has ordered us to allow the withdrawal), the Account is garnished or attached, the Account has been pledged as collateral for a debt, the availability of the funds on deposit cannot be verified, any required documentation has not been presented, or you fail to repay an obligation to us on time.